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Lease properties will be posted as they become available. 

You can find various lease applications at the bottom of this page.

The homes on this list were acquired by the Tribe through different means including purchase, transfer from Tribal Credit, and land transfers.  A renovation program was developed to repair these houses, which could then be sold to the Tribal membership.  The renovation program is continuing to bring some houses up to code.  The Resolution 2016-356 provides a lease with an option to purchase.  Tribal member interest in buying these properties as is, the Council has decided to make these homes available through a bidding process. There will be a different process for Trust transactions and FEE transactions.

Only the houses recently received from Tribal Credit have appraisals.  The buyer will be required to have an appraisal as part of the purchase price negotiation.  This program is first come first serve by submitting application.  For homes that were purchased as part of larger parcels, a portion of land surrounding the home will be legally surveyed out up to a maximum of 5.00 acres, more or less; the remaining acreage will be maintained as tribal trust land.

Fee Land Purchases:
Cody Desautel | (509) 634-2249

Lease Applications

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Farm & Pasture Lease Application

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