Properties for Sale in the
Keller Area


To Sell, Exchange or Gift Convey your Indian Trust property, your first stop should always be the Tribal/BIA Realty office to make application. The paperwork follows a process that can take more than 30 days to complete.

Please note that a real estate agent is not needed at any time for transactions involving Indian Trust lands. 

All properties are in Trust status. The listings are subject to updates as needed.


5.0 acres Manilla Creek Rd. south of Keller, near Mt. Tolman. 2 BD, 2 BR, mud/utility room. Well on property. Two garden spots. Please call (509)-634-2347 or (509)-634-2337 and Reference 101-3320-A


4.83 acres, along HWY 21, located south of Bridge Creek Rd, on the west side of the highway. Land only, partially timbered. Please call (509)-634-2347 or (509)-634-2337 and Reference 101-1260-A.

4.9 acres, On the San Poil River, along HWY 21, just north of Cache Creek Rd turnoff, on the east side of the highway; land only, timbered. Please call (509)-634-2347 or (509)-634-2337 and Reference 101-1027-C.

10.00 acres along the San Poil River, thirteen miles south of Republic, by Thirteen Mile Campground. Timbered. Land only. Please call (509)-634-2347 or (509)-634-2337 and Reference 101-3388-A